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I guess I have a passion for people and solving problems (especially their problems). So, I made it my job.


I tell people "I do words for a living" because it's just easier. The hard part is how those words build the stories that create the feeling. That feeling drives the numbers.

TLDR... marketing should make you feel something.

I enjoy the outdoors, including baseball, lake life and beer gardens (that counts right?). I'm a Chicago-native, just trying to find the best tacos in the city. We all know it's Velvet Taco, but it gives me an excuse to explore. Oh, and I have a generally healthy obsession with my dog.



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.S. in Advertising & PR 

2011 - 2015


Services & Skills
  • SEO strategy & implementation

  • Employee development

  • Content strategy & creation

  • Marketing automation

  • Metrics-oriented

  • Sales & marketing alignment


Let's do it.

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